Deborah Berger Counselling and Psychotherapy in North London

21st July 2024 
Tel: 07900 530507
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Spiral Holistic Therapy Centre
2 Shelburne Road
London N7 6DL
About counselling and psychotherapy

What happens in counselling and psychotherapy?

We will meet and talk about what brings you to therapy. You will probably have questions and may want to tell some of your story, but importantly you will see how it feels to be in the session and how it feels to work with me, and will have this time to decide if you want to continue. For couples, we will meet and talk about how the relationship feels for both of you at the moment and where you would like to get to; you will both get a sense of what it may be like to work on your relationship and can decide if you would like to arrange further sessions

If you decide to continue we will meet at least weekly to focus on the parts of your life that feel in need of attention. This part of therapy can be for as long or short a time as it needs to be. I will work with whatever you bring to each session, finding a way with you to look at what feels most important in your life. As you tell your story we will look for ways that you are able to mourn, accept, rage, celebrate, dream or express any other feelings that might come up. Therapy can bring a sense of accepting who you are and living more fully in your life

When it feels the right time to bring the therapy to an end we will agree a date for this, usually a few weeks ahead, to review our work together. These last sessions allow us to end with respect for the time you have come to therapy and to mark the movement forwards into the next step in your life